Types of Aggregates

Asphalt Millings Maryland

Asphalt millings can be used for construction in different ways. This is the best option if you require an environmentally friendly and inexpensive material for paving and construction projects. Knipple Aggregates offer a supply of asphalt millings in Maryland and other areas such as Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

Asphalt Options Available

There are different types of asphalt available and any of the options can be selected depending on the project at hand. Some of the common asphalt options include:
Porous Asphalt: Porous asphalt pavements are commonly used in parking lot construction. They allow water to drain through the pavements into the soil below.
Warm-mix Asphalt: Warm-mix asphalt is designed to be used for paving at a low temperature. This reduces the temperature and gas emitted in the process.
Hot-mix Asphalt: This asphalt withstands freezing and it makes it easy to pave driveways in a short time.
Knipple Aggregates Asphalt Millings Suppliers in Maryland

Here at Knipple Aggregates, we offer the supply of asphalt millings for commercial and residential purposes in Baltimore and surrounding cities. Request a quote today to get started.

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