Asphalt Millings

Asphalt Millings

Millings or asphalt millings are inexpensive construction materials that can be used in the place of gravels. Millings are formed in the recycling process of ground-up asphalt. If you plan to request milling aggregate sales and supply services, knowing the components and benefits of milling is important to making a good aggregates strategy. After asphalt may have served its purpose, it is taken and reprocessed to form millings. Though they are recycled, millings share characteristics with asphalt and granite and are great for most types of construction.

Types Of Millings

Fine millings: Fine millings are composed of small particles that have more surface area than coarse millings. They have a maximum size of about 6.25 mm and are commonly used in the repair of damaged pavements and as a fine sand seal. Contact us for fine milling aggregate sales and supply close to you.

Coarse milling: Coarse millings have larger particles then fine millings. There show good bonding in combination with emulsion, which makes them great for the construction of driveways. For coarse milling aggregate sales and supply, contact Knipple Aggregates.

When To Use Millings

Asphalt millings have a wide range of applications. They are used in roads, bridges, and pavement construction. Millings are favored over other construction materials because they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Millings in road construction are spread and left to get compacted. Once compacted, they form a surface that is almost as solid as the original asphalt. Knipple Aggregates offer asphalt milling aggregate sales and supply services for commercial and residential projects.

We are specialists in the supply of Asphalt Milling aggregates and other products. Our special aggregates team produces a range of quality construction materials. Visit Knipple Aggregates for further inquiries or contact us to speak with a representative.

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