Clay soil supplier

Clay Soil Supplier

Clay is a fine-grained natural soil material that is made from clay minerals. This soil is characterized by being sticky when wet and having fine particles when dry. Due to the size of the particle, this soil matter is plastic. Clay is available in different colors including grey, brown, and orange-red.

Soil Matter

This soil matter is made up of minerals, nutrients, air, water, and various microorganisms. Due to the makeup, it is a valuable material in various industries. Clay is used in agriculture to nourish and supply nutrients, without which plants will die. Clay is used in the building process for soil compaction which helps improve load support. Poor compaction is the reason for some building collapse.

Clay soil supplier
Clay soil supplier

Uses of Clay Soil

Clay is useful in the pottery industry. When mixed with water, this soil can be used to create ceramics such as bowls and sculptures. Let Knipple Aggregates meet your clay soil supply needs. We offer a bulk supply of clay soil required for various applications.

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