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Knipple Aggregates provides commercial aggregate services for your small, medium and large scale project and we delivery products directly to your project site. It doesn’t matter the size of your project, Knipple Aggregates can supply directly to your project site, the best sand and gravel aggregates that are in line with your construction specification.

Knipple Aggregates is offers trusted commercial aggregate services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore Metro areas. We specialize in sales and supplies of sand and gravel aggregates that can transform your commercial projects.

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We serve commercial clients in the following project types

Road Construction:  Road construction is one of the most important commercial infrastructural projects to the public. For proper roads, quality aggregates are required for the construction of roadbeds.
Rail tracks: Right from the early days of rail track construction, aggregate has been a big part of the process.
Pipe Beddings: Pipe beddings are used in pipelines and sewage construction. The beddings in construction are just as important as the pipe.
Concreting: An adequate supply of specific aggregates is required for concrete. Knipple aggregates offer commercial aggregate services supplying sand and gravel in large quantities to meet your demands for concreting.
Car parks: Knipple aggregates offer commercial aggregate services to help in the construction of car parks. We supply various types of aggregates required for car park construction and repairs.
Sport Surface: Knipple aggregates have got you covered. We supply quality aggregates required for various Sport Surfaces.
Golf Course: Knipple aggregates supply various types of aggregates required for the construction and repairs of golf courses.
Industrial Landscaping: Landscaping is aimed at modifying and beautifying land spaces around us and Knipple aggregates are willing to contribute to that.
General Structural Construction: Knipple aggregates offer commercial aggregate services supplying different aggregates that you need for general construction projects.
We serve commercial clients in the following project types
Top soil

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Sand (Concrete sand, mason sand, topsoil, and fill sand) Gravel (Fine gravel, Medium gravel, Bankrun gravel, and coarse gravel)
Crushed Stone (#57 Stone, #7 stone, cr6, #8 stone, and #2 stone)
Top Soil (Sandy soil, Clay soil and Silt:)
Millings (Fine milling and coarse milling) Mulch (organic and inorganic)

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