Benefits of Recycled Concrete Projects

Benefits of Recycled Concrete Projects

Since the start of most construction projects involves the demolition of concrete buildings, the sites are usually left with a large number of rubbles. However, some of these wastes can be recycled, especially concrete materials. Concrete is capable of being recycled and reused for other projects. Apart from this being beneficial to the environment, it also reduces construction costs.

How to Recycle Concrete

Pure concrete that hasn’t been contaminated by other construction materials and debris can be recycled. First, the concrete has to be separated from other materials and placed into a crushing machine. The next step is thorough scrutinizing by hand to ensure that no unwanted material passed the first filtration process. This can also be done by water flotation, where the debris can be seen on top. After recycling, the concrete can be used for other construction projects.

Benefits of Recycled Concrete

After the recycling process, concrete can be reused for the following projects:

Road Construction

Recycled concrete is excellent as a replacement for other aggregates in road construction projects. It can be used for both commercial and residential construction purposes. Use recycled concrete for projects like sidewalks, foundations, and streets.

Stabilizing Soil

Among the benefits of recycled concrete is that they can be used as subgrade material to stabilize the soil. It also modifies the soil, changing its water susceptibility.

Pipe Bedding

Recycled concrete can be used as a bed stabilizer, replacing new aggregates with constructing pipe beddings and other underground utilities.


Recycled concrete can be used in both commercial and residential landscaping for supportive and aesthetic purposes.

Concretes are the most-used construction materials on earth. Hence, it is important to find a way to recycle the excess concrete from other construction sites. Concrete recycling also reduces construction and transportation costs. Concrete recycling is environment-friendly since it eliminates transportation mining and pollution.

Recycled Concretes with Knipple Aggregates

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