Sand and Gravel crushed stone supplier

Sand and Gravel Crushed Stone Supplier

Sand and Gravels are some of the most common construction materials there is. Both sand and gravels are essential materials for concrete production and other construction projects. For most projects, there is a need to schedule the supply of these aggregates.

Why are these materials so important?

What is sand made of?

Sand is a granular aggregate material that comprises of rock and minerals that have been broken down into fine particles. Sand is usually identified and defined based on its respective sizes. It has particles that are finer and smaller than gravel particles but are coarser than that of silt. The composition of sand usually varies depending on the origin and the formation condition. One of the regular constituents of sand is silica that comes in the form of quartz. Another component is carbonate, which can be found in aragonite.

What is gravel?

Gravels consists of rock fragments usually used for construction purposes. Like sand, gravels can be identified by the size of its fragments. Fragments are larger than sand particles, over 2mm in diameter. Gravels deposit accumulate in areas of water where sand has been removed due to rapid water movement. They usually have abrasions that come as a result of the transport from streams and seas. Gravels, along with sand and cement, are the major component of concrete used in construction.

Uses of Sand and Gravels Supply

Sand and gravels have a wide range of applications, i.e., in construction and decoration projects. Some of the common uses include the following;

  • Concrete mix and design
  • Road and driveway construction
  • Volleyball court and sports arena construction
  • Landscaping projects
  • Production of concrete
  • Water filtration projects

Common Sand and Gravel Crushed Stone Supplies

  • Concrete sand
  • Masonry sand
  • Thermal sand
  • Pea gravel
  • Bank run gravel
  • ¾ washed gravel
  • Stone dust
  • Lag gravel

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