Gravel is made up of rock fragments that are larger than 2mm. Gravel fragments vary in sizes and are mostly are used in building constructions. If you plan to request gravel aggregate sales and supply service, knowing the components and benefits of gravel is important to making a good aggregate choice. It is naturally found in lakes, beaches, rivers, and other water bodies where the frequent movement of water prevents the gravel from settling. Gravel is commonly created through the erosion and weathering of rocks. Also, it can be artificially created by crushing and filtering rock particles. The popular type of rock from which gravels are made includes sandstone, limestone, and basalt.

Fine gravel

Fine Gravel commonly refers to loosed rocks that are larger than 2 mm (0.079 in) in its smallest dimension (about 1/12 of an inch) and no more than 64 mm (2.5 in).They are often called pebbles while very fine gravel are granules.

Medium gravel

Medium-sized gravels are larger than fine gravel particles. They are 0.25 inches or smaller in diameter, which is relatively small as well. This means that they can easily be moved than larger gravel particles.

Bankrun gravel

Bank run gravel consists of gravel particles that have been mixed with sand or clay. They are taken from natural deposits and contain a combination of both large and small stones.

When to use gravel

We offer gravel aggregate sales and supply for various construction projects and applications both domestically and commercially. At home, they are used for creating pathways, as mulch substitutes and water drainage. Commercially, gravel can be used for construction projects like dam creation, building constructions, and driveways.

We are specialists in gravel aggregate sales and supply as well as other products. Our special aggregates team produces a range of decorative gravel aggregates. Visit Knipple Aggregates for further inquiries regarding gravel aggregate sales and supply, or contact us on the contact information provided.

Types of Aggregates

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