pea gravel supplier

Pea Gravel Supplier

Pea gravel, also regarded as pea stones are small rounded stones that look pea-sized. This gravel unlike other types is smooth and rounded. It is found in areas where water slowly rounds each stone. The color of pea gravel is determined by the source or parent material.

Uses of Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is commonly used in landscaping projects as a decorative mulch on raised beds or around plants. Landscaping: Pea gravel is required in projects such as pathway, patio, and footpath construction. It also offers a decorative purpose as a mulch. This gravel has a unique look and it is good water draining capacity which makes it good option patios and pathways.
Ground covering: In areas where wood growth is to be restricted. It is an inexpensive and versatile material which serves multiple purposes
Why Knipple Aggregates be your pea gravel supplier

Knipple Aggregates is a pea gravel supplier in areas such as Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore. As pea gravel suppliers, we supply in bulk for both commercial and residential projects.

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