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Why Knipple Aggregates should be your River rock supplier

Here at Knipple Aggregates, we offer the supply of river rock in small and large quantities to be used for residential and commercial construction and landscaping projects. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.

River Rock

River rock is washed gravel which is known for its smoothness and texture. It is created through the effect of moving water against the rocks. These rocks are commonly found in beaches and are available in different sizes and colors.

Uses of River Rock

River rock as mulch: River rock serve as good mulch and ground covering due to their ability to prevent evaporation from the ground surface and their inability to move. The rocks are also capable of creating drainage for plants in the absence of gutter.

River rock for patio and walkways: River rock aid compaction which makes them a great option for patio and walkways construction. The size of these rocks makes them a great option for walkways due to how comfortable they are to walk on.

River rock for landscaping: River rock can be used as fillers in the ground and beside walkways. Their attractive colors and size type make them a great option for landscaping and other aesthetic purposes

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