What is sand?

Sand Aggregate Sales and Supply If you plan to request Sand Aggregate Sales and Supply, knowing the components and benefits of sand are important to making a good aggregate choice. Sand is a granular material composed of smoothly divided particles of rocks and other minerals. The distinct feature of sand is the size, with it being coarser than silt and finer than gravel. Sand accumulates slowly over time, and it is deposited by the wind on the beach during calm periods. The parent material of the sand is a determinant factor in the size and color of the sand. Therefore the sand particles have information about the origin and history of the sand.

Types of Aggregates

Concrete sand

Concrete sand refers to the coarse washed sand that is a major ingredient of cement and other asphalt mixtures. Naturally, it has larger particles than mason sand, but it goes through processing to remove the large rocks in the sand. Request a quote if you are interested in our concrete sand aggregate sales and supply.

Mason sand

Mason sand contains very fine particles. It is usually used as a filling material in construction projects and goes through a grading and washing process to be used in mortar mixes.

Role of Aggregates in Building

Top soil

Topsoil is the outermost layer of the soil, usually within 5 – 10 inches from the ground surface. Topsoil is visible on the earth, and it has the highest concentration of organic matter.

Fill Sand

Fill sand is a substance, which consists of fine rock particles that have been sorted to the finest size. The particles are usually broken down naturally over time. Fill sand usually is used in both residential and commercial construction projects. Request a quote if you are interested in our fill sand aggregate sales and supply service.


Sand Aggregate Sales and Supply

Sand can be used for several projects in diverse fields, such as agriculture, landscape, and construction. Sand has been used in construction for many years. Mixed with lime, it is used to make a brick that is commonly used as a building material. We are specialists in sand aggregate sales and supply. Our sand products and other aggregates like Mulch, Topsoil, Gravel, Crushed Stones and Millings can be delivered to your residence or project site. Our special aggregates team produces a range of sand materials. Visit Knipple Aggregates for further inquiries, or contact us on the contact information provided.

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