Crushed stone

Crushed Stones and Gravels are so similar that one is often taken for the other. Crushed Stone is created as a result of breaking down larger pieces of rocks and stones with a crushing machine. If you plan to request stone aggregate sales and supply service, knowing the components and benefits of stone is important to making a good aggregate choice..You can differentiate crushed stones from gravel by the angled surfaces they have as a result of the crushing process. They range in size from fine dust to large rocks, all of which are important. The common ores used in the manufacturing of crushed stone include limestone, trap rock, granite, and basalt.


#57 stone

#57 stones are crushed stones which were out through the #57 sieve. This sieve produces crushed stones ranging between 1 to 1.5 inches in sizes. The parent material of the stone can be selected. It can be anyone of gravel, granite, argillite, and quartzite. This should be taken into consideration when requesting stone aggregate sales and supply

#7 stone

#7 crushed stones are stones that successfully go through the #7 filter. They range between ½ and ¾  inches in size and are usually gray in color.


#8 stone

They are usually referred to as Clean Crushed Stone. The crushed stone is run into the #8 sieve. This stone is usually ¾ inches in size, and it is usually run through a machine to remove dust and sand particles. The characteristics of the stone should be taken into consideration when requesting stone aggregate sales and supply services

When to use crushed stone

Crushed stones, like gravels, are used for various construction projects. The angled surface makes it perfect for forming flat and balanced beds, especially when they are compacted together. Due to this reason, they can be used on roads, floors, and concrete foundations. Other types of construction where you may use crushed stone include drainage, railway system, and mountain roads.

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