Asphalt Millings Driveway

Asphalt Millings Driveway

The occurrence of asphalt millings replacing gravel in driveways is becoming more common each day due to the benefit asphalt millings have over the latter. Homeowners make use of asphalt millings to make better driveways with fewer issues. When done in the right way, asphalt millings driveway can reduce expenses and cause less trouble in the long run.

Why Asphalt Millings Driveways are a Good Option

People spend a lump sum of money on asphalt millings for driveways and other projects. There is a reason asphalt willing is a good option for this.
Quick installation: Asphalt driveways can easily be installed since it does not take longer than a day or two. Other options like concrete take about a week.
Inexpensive option: Asphalt is less costly than other paving materials. The labor cost is also inexpensive because it is usually completed sooner.
Smooth Appearance: Asphalt driveways have a smooth look and tend to create a better appearance.
Less Maintenance: Asphalt millings driveways require little maintenance due to their durability
Asphalt Millings Driveway
Knipple Aggregates for Asphalt Millings Driveway

Let Knipple Aggregates supply the millings required for your asphalt millings driveways. We offer bulk supply of asphalt millings for the construction of driveways, pathways, and roads.

River Rock Supplier

River Rock Supplier

River rock is washed gravel which is known for its smoothness and texture. It is created through the effect of moving water against the rocks. These rocks are commonly found in beaches and are available in different sizes and colors.

Uses of River Rock

Mulch: River rock serve as good mulch and ground covering due to their ability to prevent evaporation from the ground surface and their inability to move. The rocks are also capable of creating drainage for plants in the absence of gutter.
Patio and Walkways: River rock aid compaction which makes them a great option for patio and walkways construction. The size of these rocks makes them a great option for walkways due to how comfortable they are to walk on.
Landscaping: River rock can be used as fillers in the ground and beside walkways. Their attractive colors and size type make them a great option for landscaping and other aesthetic purposes.
Knipple Aggregates as Your River Rock Supplier

Here at Knipple Aggregates, we offer the supply of river rock in small and large quantities to be used for residential and commercial construction and landscaping projects. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.

Quarry Stone Supplier

Quarry Stone Supplier

A quarry is an open-pit from which certain aggregates and rocks are excavated. Quarry stone refers to the common rocks which are excavated from the mines such as limestone, marble, and granite.

Types of Quarry Stone

Granite: Granite is a coarse-grained rock that is made up of crystals. This stone is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and paving. It is also used in residential construction for tiles and countertops. This prestige stone display elegance which makes it great as an aesthetic.

Marble: Marble is a low-cost rock that is used in various construction projects. This rock is used in  architecture and sculpture due to its natural beauty. This valuable stone is also used in the cosmetic industry to make various products.

Limestone: Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of small parts of water organisms. The stone can be used for various purposes in construction. It can be used directly as a building material or one of the major components of concrete.

Quarry Stone Supplier
Knipple Aggregates as Your Quarry Stone Supplier

Here at Knipple Aggregates, we offer a bulk supply of various types of quarry stones for residential and commercial purposes. Contact us to make a purchase.

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