Crusher Dust Supplier

Crusher Dust Supplier

Crusher dust is the byproduct of mining and quarrying. It is made up of fine particles that have high strength and are durable. It also has diverse uses.

Uses of Crusher Dust

Filling: A good filling material like crusher dust can be used as a base for driveways, concrete slabs, and pavers.
Drainage: It is known to stop mineral leaching and waterlogging in the soil because of its compact nature.
Soil treatment: Crusher dust promotes soil aeration, raises soil PH, and supports the growth of roots that is why it is also used for horticulture and agricultural purposes.

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Crusher Dust Supplier
Pebble Stone Supplier

Pebble Stone Supplier

Pebbles are small, smooth, and round stones that are formed by the action of water on rocks. It often has a diameter of 4-64mm and varies in size. They are used for different purposes. They are natural and formed over many years.

Uses of Pebble Stone

Landscaping and construction: They are good for the landscaping of gardens, leveling of lands. Due to their small sizes and hardness, they are good construction material.
Decoration: Because pebbles are of different sizes and colors, they are used for decorative purposes and they can be polished to look more attractive. They have both indoor and outdoor significance.
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Pebble Stone Supplier

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