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Topsoil is the outermost layer of the soil that can be seen on the earth’s surface. It is usually between 4 to 12 inches deep from the surface and varies according to location. If you plan to request topsoil aggregate sales and supply service, knowing the components and benefits of topsoil is important to making a good aggregate choice. The topsoil contains a high level of organic matter and microorganisms, which contribute to the color and fertility of the soil. In most cases, the darker the topsoil, the richer it is in nutrients. Major compositions of the topsoil include carbon and nitrogen that contribute to plant growth.

Types of Topsoil We Supply

Sandy soil: Sandy soil, which is usually low in nutrients, is made up of large particles. The sandy soil has quick water drainage, and they are warm and dry. They are usually acidic with little clay particles. The particle of the soil determines what it will be used for and influences the request of topsoil aggregate sales and supply.
Clay soil: Unlike sandy soil, clay soil is usually high in nutrients and has a good water-holding capacity, but it doesn’t drain easily. This soil takes longer to warm up and usually dries out in the summer.
Silt: Silt is a light soil with moisture water-retentive capacity. The soil comprises mid-sized particles, and it also has a high fertility rating.
Loam: Loam soil is a combination of sand, silt, and clay to eliminate the negative effect of each one. The unique characteristics should be considered when requesting topsoil aggregate sales and supply.
Top Soil

When to Use Topsoil

Topsoil is regarded as the most important component of the garden. It is used for landscaping and construction of flower beds. It provides nutrients required for plant growth. Topsoil can also be used for the construction of lawn, drainage, and gardens. Since there are different types of topsoil, you need to be specific when requesting topsoil aggregate sales and supply services.

We are specialists in the supply of Topsoil aggregates and other products. Our special aggregates team produces a range of Topsoil materials. Visit Knipple Aggregates for further inquiries about topsoil aggregate sales and supply, or contact us on the contact information provided.

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